About Us

Brennan, Robins & Daley, P.C. is an established general practice firm. Our goal is to provide practical and affordable representation for all of your business and personal needs. Our firm was founded as Brennan and Brennan by Robert Brennan and Thomas Brennan in 1946. In the 1960s Harvey E. Robins and John Daley joined the firm and it became known as Brennan Robins & Daley. By combining life experience, interpersonal skills and good common sense, we have the capability to service all of your legal needs efficiently, effectively and economically.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high degree of personal client contact and have been characterized as the ultimate client advocates. By emphasizing a team approach to problem solving which promotes a high quality product, we have maintained a solid client base and have earned an excellent reputation among our contemporaries. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and all of your business and personal needs.

Please review our Standard Terms of Engagement to learn more about our terms of service.